Leather Yin Vest

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Ayyawear is a nomad-inspired vision blending the aesthetic of the Western Gunslinger and the Eastern Samurai into a unique wasteland street style. Smooth, elegant lines with an urban feel pair with organic materials and a weathered durability to create visceral pieces that help the wearer tell their story. 

Our Women's Yin Vest has been the Queen among our designs from the beginning, a legacy of leather paneling and superior form.

• Hand-stitched by master tailors.
• Egyptian ascension wings unfurl from your shoulder blades.
• Intricate, custom cast metal details.
• A corset weave down the back emphasizes the female form.
• Metallic, silver-printed silk lining in a fusion of graphic mosaics from the Ayasofya Mosque of Instanbul and ancient wall relief patterns from the Hathor Temple in Egypt. 
• Optional fur accents. 


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