Terrace Jacket

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Ayyawear is a nomad-inspired vision blending the aesthetic of the Western Gunslinger and the Eastern Samurai into a unique wasteland street style. Smooth, elegant lines with an urban feel pair with organic materials and a weathered durability to create visceral pieces that help the wearer tell their story.

The Terrace Jacket was designed to be wearable art - a celebration of strength and the female form. 


Hand-stitched by master tailors.

+ Made from top shelf, supple cow hide leather in two tones of black.

Metallic, gold-printed cotton lining in a fusion of graphic mosaics from the Ayasofya Mosque of Instanbul and ancient wall relief patterns from the Hathor Temple in Egypt. 

+ Two outer pockets on each breast.

+ Crop cut with a tailored fit for ease of movement and to enhance the feminine form. 

+ Dramatic, over-sized hood.  

  S (in.) M (in.) L (in.) XL (in.)
Shoulder 15 16 17 18


38 40 42 45
Waist 30 33 36 41
Hips 30 33 36 41
Length 21 21.5 22 22.5
Inner Sleeve 19 19 19 19
Outer Sleeve 25 25.5 26 27

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